ADOPTING a pragmatic, open-ended approach

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In order to carry out its core tasks, The Laboratory has developed a unique structure based on four flagship tools :

The transport use observatory : monitoring mobility on public transport

The transport use observatory is a ‘thermometer’ for mobility, providing monthly summaries of how public transport is used. These measurements can then be followed up with defined categories of geographical area and customer base.


The Desk : analysing trends and understanding needs

The Desk is the place where all useable information on trends relating to mobility are collected and analysed. With the help of Ipsos analysts, the Laboratory team identifies priority focuses for research and proposes two types of deliverable :

 Scientific, prospective communication on on-going changes in mobility, comprising publications, articles, open days and conferences.

 A catalogue of ideas for all the services thought up to meet observed expectations and trends. Those services can be made the subject of product definition and market studies.


The Think Tank : making use of multidisciplinary international expertise of acknowledged worth

The Laboratory brings together in a Think Tank experts on every component of mobility: town planners, architects, sociologists, economists, specialists in the new information technologies, among others. The Think Tank works on topics proposed by the Desk and throws the necessary light on them in order to identify new mobility solutions.


The exchange platform : stimulating lively debate on ideas between experts and actors on the ground

The Laboratory’s exchange platform makes the Desk available to those on the ground, members of the Think Tank and other partners of the Laboratory(researchers, high-level schools, project teams, etc.). It informs on projects in progress, experiments and events relevant to all the Laboratory’s research focuses.
With its blog, the exchange platform stimulates, accelerates and maintains the sharing of ideas and the emergence of new research avenues and novel solutions.

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