to the global issues of tomorrow

Using a new approach that is close to the ground, multidisciplinary and internationally based, the Laboratory examines and defines solutions that match as closely as possible the needs and expectations of transport users in all geographical regions.


Working for mobility developers

By enabling Veolia Transdev to anticipate the needs of the public, the Laboratory is making a concrete contribution to the development of socially responsible mobility.

The Laboratory has made the economics of scarcity a core component of its research and it thus stands out with a unique vision that takes account of the needs of a society undergoing fundamental change.

In order to grasp more effectively the mobility of the general public, the Laboratory connects up the many different disciplines of the researchers by means of meetings, debates and thematic publications.


The Laboratory can propose concrete applications capable of integrating all the dimensions of mobility (infrastructure development, regional development, architecture, environment, etc.) on the ground. It helps develop new products and services.

> Programmes
Based on the requirements and the main ways forward to solutions identified with Veolia Transdev networks, the Laboratory designs and conducts studies to assist in the definition of new products and services :

 Research in technical and legal domains
 Market studies
 Studies for the definition of products and service
 Economic studies
 A search for partnerships

> Exploration
Experiments and pilot programmes are conducted to validate new services and the practicalities of their roll-out. The teams in the field, in daily contact as they are with passengers, validate concepts and models. Each solution can then be proposed to local authorities.

> Definition of new markets 
The Veolia Transdev Laboratory is reliant on the networks in their search for innovation and the implementation of specific studies and surveys in their home territories. This search offers a wealth of opportunities for exchanges of views between high-level experts and actors on the ground.
The Laboratory identifies industrial and commercial partnerships with a view to developing new markets.

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